Innovation that bears fruit

What is a Winter Farm?

It’s a 100% controlled space set up to grow the Fraise d’hiver strawberry.

We reproduce sunlight, rain and wind using cutting-edge engineering technology.

Thanks to perfect weather conditions, there is no need for chemical pesticides

By focusing on vertical farming, Winter Farm maximizes available growing areas and increases production capacity for growers.

New product!

The Champignon d’hiver is a locally grown premium grey oyster mushroom.

It is now available in most IGA supermarkets and Rachelle-Béry stores across Quebec. It is one of the few locally grown fresh gourmet mushrooms offerings on the market. 


Several vertical farming approaches already exist. However, very few can be integrated easily into the existing agricultural world. That’s why we designed the Ferme d’Hiver solution.

Our goal is to ensure the deployment of a growing network that is integrated into supply chains.

More productive farms

  • No reliance on weather conditions
  • Off-season production
  • Unparalleled production density

More eco-friendly farms

  • Optimized energy management
    Recirculation of water
    No chemical pesticide

More profitable farms

  • Preferential rates for electricity
  • Guaranteed purchase of production
  • Predictable and constant production


Thanks to its heat redistribution system, Ferme d’Hiver heats an area up to 4 times its size in the middle of winter.

That technology reduces production costs for growers and almost completely eliminates the carbon footprint of greenhouse growing.

By partnering with producers, Ferme d’Hiver stretches the harvesting season and boost revenues for its partners.

Winter Farm is also a meeting of farming know-how with the technologies of the future.